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DISCLAIMER: Any prizes listed on this page are not official until May 7, 2024. If viewing this page prior to that date, please note that prizes and incentives may change. The MPACF reserves the right to edit prizes prior to May 7, 2024.

Prize Guidelines
1. Organizations may only receive two prize awards. If an organization wins two random drawing prizes and ends up winning a third prize based on metrics, a random prize will be forfeit and redrawn.
2. Fairness in determining prize winners is very important to the Community Foundation. Our platform identifies "unique donors" by reviewing a combination of donor name, email, and mailing address.
3. Prize winners chosen on May 7 are subject to further verification and may be finalized after the event.
4. Prize winners will be posted to the Give Local Isabella prize page.
5. If there is a tie for two organizations in the most raised category, the organization with the most unique donors will win.
6. If there is a tie for two organizations in the most donors category, the organization with the most dollars raised will win.
7. Prizes will be disbursed to designated endowment funds within 10 business days of Give Local Isabella.

If you have any questions regarding prizes, please email to connect with Terrence Stallworth, Jr. at the Community Foundation.